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The Nightingale (2018) user reviews

The Nightingale movie

User Reviews (3)

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Oh my, this is a really hard movie to watch. It's a great movie, but has so many heart breaking, soul crushing scenes. I found it hard to breathe at some points. One of the best movies I've seen in a while. 100% recommended, if you can find it that is, but it shouldn't be too hard. Good luck and enjoy.


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Ok so I have this new game, well not really a game per se, really its just something quirky that I do here on two-movies when I have watched everything I had been wanting to check out and I'm kind of bored. So what I do is, I simply type completely random words or phrases into the search bar on our beloved site here, I switch it so that it searches for tags. If there is a movie that just so happens to have a tag that is what I put in the search bar, well then I pretty much think thats fate. Or maybe it was meant to be. Like the other day I typed "Zombie Apocalypse", well I got all kinds of really great flicks, the first one that came up was the one I viewed. After all, far be it from me to piss off fate! Which brings me to this movie here, which was pretty decent watchings if you ask me.

However, thats not what your wanting to know, is it? I thought that was the case...

FINE!!! You Got Me!!! I did type "Rear Entry Sex" in the search bar because I'm to sophisticated to stoop to Pornhub! jk I am totally not that sophisticated, and if thats any sort of measure, I never will be!
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Holy Shit,
that was one hell of a ride.
Tragic tragic story, with some graphic violence that werent exactly gory but heartwrenching.
A period piece but story flows with modern logic.

This young actress is so awesome.
Not sure know how to feel about Sam Claflin as antagonist, he has a realy kind face, and in some scenes He still did have that presence of a reliable person.

You dont wanna miss this gem



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