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Stay Out Stay Alive (2019) user reviews

Stay Out Stay Alive movie

User Reviews (3)

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This crap had 1 million dollar for budget? You've got to be kidding me! Dean Yurke director/writer/producer, should stick to his day job, and leave the making of movies to others with more talent. Although, they are rare nowadays. Nothing works, in this turkey. The sound is wrong, the characters cliches and acting unnaturally. A pregnant woman is stuck, and nobody seems to care the least bit, her FIRST. And the girl is a f***ing nurse! Really! None of those idiots were likable and they all deserved to die. No, don't waste your precious time. Move on.


senior master
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The acting was so bad it was ridiculous! I have it a fair shot but it was so over the top stupid I had to turn it off. I would plan on skipping this pile of crap.



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not a bad one time watch, movie is about native land exploitation and greed.



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