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Seventeen (2019) user reviews

Seventeen movie

User Reviews (1)

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WOW!! Fantastic, ingenious movie with brilliant acting. The story was well written and incredibly moving, beautiful and real; a much needed and welcomed one. The actors did such an amazing job playing their characters that I could have easily believed that Hector (Biel Montoro) and ismael (Nacho Sanchez) were actual brothers and that all this was really happening. It all felt so real to me that it felt like I was actually there witnessing it all or something. Or that I was somehow peeking into a moment in their lives. It's rare that a movie makes me feel like that, especially a foreign film with voice overs because usually most of the emotion gets lost in translation and what doesn't get lost then usually will after having to read subtitles or the actors having voice overs. Terrific watch. Definitely a must see.



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