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Little Children (2006) user reviews

Little Children movie

User Reviews (7)

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Sounds like a great movie unfortunately I cannot handle the entire movie being narrated because of such little script between the characters. Irritating and annoying to watch. Great storyline and too bad they didn't make this movie differently as it could have been much better to watch . 3/10


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Excellent movie. Ronnie creeped me out more than any horror movie ever will.


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Little Children is a brave film that allows us a glimpse into a friendship that blooms into an affair, but by very irresponsible immature people. When you are in a loveless situation, then any lasting glance by an attractive stranger...then beckons and beguiles. Why, because something is better than nothing.

People fool themselves that an affair will solve their problems. Yet what honestly happens is we cause many of our own problems.

Once you fell in love. Why are you not now? Did they honestly change? Did you honestly change? I doubt it.

People get bored and take what they have for granted. Desire is wanting and not having. No matter how great the Beloved is, some immature folks think they can do better.

The problem is any garden that is NOT daily tended to...grows weeds. The plant suffer because you failed to water the roots and the plants yellow and get brittle and bear sickly fruit. You caused the suffering.

The plants WANT to grow. The sun did not stop shining. Water is still abundant. Fertilizer is still available.
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great great film. unmissable. jackie earle haley is superb. 3 of 4 stars very good.


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this movie is a must see. everything about it is perfect. the only bad thing i have to say is that it takes forever to load.


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interesting story, 4 stars


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I really enjoyed it. The message was deep. [SPOILER] Very good and makes you think.



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