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Limbo (2019) user reviews

Limbo movie

User Reviews (2)

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Low budget but really, really good. The actors were decent. Some I've seen in other stuff, others I haven't, but they all did a pretty good job and looked the part. This movie doesn't have all the frills, bells and whistles that big production movies do, but the story, characters and actors are good enough that it doesn't need it to be interesting. Honestly, I put this on to be background noise to go to sleep to, but once I started watching, I couldn't stop watching. I thought it waz pretty cool.


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It's somewhat low budget, but I love a good "your in hell" type of movies, especially when they make it business like. Don't expect any special effects or even eerie make-up. The story telling about condemned souls was on point.

There is a twist that I never saw coming although there was a point in the movie, where they gave us a hint. Funny enough everyone still bow down to God and his rules, when you thought they might give him the finger instead.

Let's just say, that the person on trial isn't the one you think it is.



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