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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019) user reviews

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot movie

User Reviews (2)

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I love the frist part bufflo billy sh*t jay iz still crazy as sh*t..well it started off a lil dumb up too 28;40know its getting dumb as hell 29:10 they lunching f**king buster acting dumb as sh*t 30:20 movie just f**king lose me getting real werid on me 58:18 getting really dumb now kkk smokeing weedjezzz cant look at this sh*t any more jezz falling asleep now the bruce wyne thing was funny doe the end got alil better iron bob best part rip stan lee the comic god i give it 9 star[spoiler][/spoiler]


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Been waiting for this one, as a massive fan of Jay & Silent Bob for many years its good to see they havent lost any of the charm and silliness that made me enjoy everything they`ve been in. I`ll be buying the Blu-Ray when its released.

6/10 A+V for a cam its not terrible.



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