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Don't Let Go (2019) user reviews

Don't Let Go movie

User Reviews (2)

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I can't believe that there was only one review on this movie in the month or so that it's been on here because this movie was absolutely freaking awesome!! I figured more people would have been talking about it. Anyway, It starts picking up really early on, I like that. The whole thing from beginning to end was exciting and had me glued to the screen the entire time. And the acting was phenomenal!! I mean check out the cast and you'll see that that's a no brainier. The only issue I had was in the initial crime scene scene with the brother. As a cop you know better than to touch anything before forensics shows up and can do their job, especially without gloves and the huge importance of it. That is, unless you just don't really want to solve the case. Then again, it is a movie and we need dramatics so I kinda get why it was done. Other than that i thought that the movie was great and I feel like I can't praise it enough. I'm definitely going to be watching it many more times in the not too distant future. ...
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Mind binder,action packed. I couldn't even stop watching to use the restroom! Really good movies and actors did a great job! Will watch again!



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