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Benjamin (2019) user reviews

Benjamin movie

User Reviews (3)

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This was just okay for me, but then again Bob Saget has never once made me laugh, not even as much as crack a smile. I don't know why that is other than me just not finding him funny at all because I do like him. I just don't think he's funny. Now mary lynn rajskub and definitely sheri oteri...they kill me. Even though i love them 2, they couldn't save this movie. They just made it a tad bit bearable.


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Love this movie, and Bob Saget is back from Full House, and I just liked this movie, and the best funny part is that Trailer movie, because it was super funny. Really like this movie so mich, especially the ending part too.


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I dont know how to explain this movie. I watched it as a comedy but its filmed differently. dont know how to explain it.



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