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Ashes (2018) user reviews

Ashes movie

User Reviews (3)

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I wasn't sure about this movie at first. After reading the plot the story sounded like it could go either way and either turn out really cool or really freaking dumb. I feel like it's somewhere in the middle. Most of the acting was pretty decent though. the effects weren't top notch, sometimes they were alright, but others not so much. Overall this was a decent film. Nothing to write home about though.


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I say through half of this movie saying wow the mother looks and sounds like Catherine Keener. I finally looked the actress up and it's Elizabeth Keener. I guess they are sisters, they look so much alike! The acting in this is good but unfortunately I got bored with the story. It just seem to drag on and on without any scares. If I had to guess about the rest of the film I would say it's ok or decent but not really scary.

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I honestly did not like or dislike this movie. The acting was decent but the story was really dumb. I did watch it all but would not watch it again.



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