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The Walking Dead Lines We Cross
(Season 10, Episode 1)

Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller
Released: 2010
Air date: 2019-10-06
Starring: Andrew LincolnMelissa Suzanne McBrideNorman ReedusIronE SingletonChandler RiggsSteven YeunJeffrey DeMunnLaurie HoldenSarah Wayne CalliesJon BernthalMadison Lintz
Storyline: The Oceanside group continues to train in case the Whisperers return.
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User Reviews (6)

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Great opener! Familiar faces but some different interaction. Always loved Daryl's character.. and Carroll's. She had an air about her, can't place why or what brought it on. She has a different look. She's always come off as independent woman loyal to the cause but at times has a 2nd agenda! If I was Daryl, i'd say to heck with it... let's ride off and find our sunset...Carroll vs alpha... my money is on Carroll! thanks for the uploads all!


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Haven't seen this episode for the whole time, and I think the season 10 will come out on October 2019, and next one will be season 11 for the first time, and also the oceanside group did for looking some of the hunting stuff. Great TV show!

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@MarieCateyes next time. bring enough to share... smiley


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Moderator notice: next time use spoilers
1 month ago


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My BABY is back! I did enjoy this season premiere, but I was not nearly as excited as the last season's premiere. Cheers to another great season!



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