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Nova Animal Espionage
(Season 46, Episode 23)

Genre: Documentary / Biography
Released: 1974
Air date: 2019-11-27
Starring: Jay O. SandersLance LewmanCraig SechlerNeil Ross
Storyline: How do you study giant armadillos when hardly anyone has ever seen one? Or figure out if a whale is losing weight—without getting too close? Camera trap and drone technologies are allowing scientists to watch animals more closely than ever before, without disturbing them. Scientists in India are using thousands of camera trap photos to track tigers' movements. In Canada, caribou outfitted with collar cams show conservationists which habitats they rely on throughout the winter. Capturing everything from the unexpected to the comical, these technologies are giving wildlife managers insights th... Read more 
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Love this episode, and it was streamed on PBS Night show, and obviously I watched the close the animals together that it was super okay to watch, but I absolutely love this show so much, but it happens on Season 46 as well.



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