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Watch Fear the Walking Dead Online for Free

Fear the Walking Dead Channel 4
(Season 5, Episode 9)

Genre: Drama / Horror
Released: 2015
Air date: 2019-08-11
Starring: Mercedes MasonNoah BeggsScott LawrenceMaestro HarrellSandrine HoltPatricia Reyes SpíndolaToni FrenchColman DomingoLorenzo James HenrieElizabeth RodriguezAlycia Debnam CareyFrank DillaneCliff CurtisKim DickensRubén Blades
Storyline: The group tries to help a woman trapped in her house.
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User Reviews (4)

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Worst episode yet. They have no idea how to create suspense.


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I guess this was some sort of cam recorded recap by each character reminiscent in many ways any other Found Footage film or show. It was boring and tedious to me. I checked back into this series hoping maybe they would find another tact to take. They haven't.

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top expert
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@Ravenousbird This show is horrible. the storylines, the acting. when you cant stand any of these characters and they annoy you, then is the time to end this show. the fact they renewed it, tells me AMC is desperate for shows. No more Preacher, but they renew this garbage


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@summer021 The actors are fine. The problem is the garbage that the showrunners are approving and that AMC is creating to many TWD spin-offs that we don't need.

AMC is set to release another TWD spin-off, next spring. Just spewing more garbage, that no one asked for.



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