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Share the site! (8284 views, 3 replies)

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Please share.

I'm asking you to share the site as much as you can. smiley

You can put links on:
1) Forums
2) Your personal blog
3) Social networks

In any relevant discussions. Please don't spam. We need new users.

Use our current domain: two-movies.me

Send me links (only via Private messages) to resources where you shared our site link - I will add you 200 points smiley


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I always try to share on facebook but my posts get blocked before posting. Any suggestions on how to get around that? FB is pretty much the only social medium I use.

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@Hunter240x I either change the "." to "dot" or space after the ".". People generally tend to understand that on Facebook.


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I absolutely love this site. I thank everyone involved, and it's an amazing site to find movies and TV Shows. This goes out to all the great people behind the scenes who make it possible for all of us. Thanks again!

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This topic has been closed.

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