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Has anyone lived in a haunted house before? (72 views, 0 replies)

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When I was 7 years old , I remember living in a haunted .I lived in Alabama in an old house .I don't know how old it was . When me and my family moved in it had 5 bedrooms one bath and a great big kitchen .The living room was also big. It had a front porch with a swing and a back porch without a swing. There was a well we had to get water from if we like well water , The well water was mighty cold even in the summer time. There was an outhouse (bathroom ) out in the back yard to use to. Getting to the story now . We lived there for a month and nothing happen .then one night we heard the dishes fall in the kitchen and we ran to see what happen and there was no dishes had falling on the floor . We thought that we was just hearing things and it was no big deal. Then a few nights later ,when my mom locked the front door and we got up that morning the door would be unlocked and be wide open . A few weeks later when we was going to bed ,we cut off our TV and in a few mins after that ,the TV would be back on again and no one had been in the living room to cut it on .Then a few days later in the living room ,my mom's rocking chair started rocking by itself and one one was in it or had been in it the evening .Even my whole family saw it rocking by it self . then we started hearing thing underneath the house and when we go to look under the house there would be nothing there . Then it started to get really scary .When we go to sleep at night our covers would be pulled off of us and be laying at the foot of the bed . One time at the well ,I heard horses running in the woods and there was no horses to be found or any horse tracks . One night my mom yelled so loud that everyone got up to go see what was going on ,My mom said , somebody pulled her hair while she was asleep . Then the next night while I was laying in bed ,I seen someones' head on my dresser . Then my brother said ,he was hearing things and seeing things in his bedroom . One night we was all in the living room and watching TV and my mom's rocking chair started to rock by it self and the front door started slamming on it's on and the dishes started making that sound again as if the had falling .The next day we talked about moving out ,but we was still under a lease .We had enough of all of that and we moved out 3 days later .
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